“I booked this course spontaneously and didn’t really know what to expect! 
From the first moment of meeting Emma, I felt confident that she would be the right person to introduce me the WHM.
I thought that I would simply come away from the weekend with some handy tips that would allow me to be more comfortable during endurance sea swimming events, but I left with an comprehensive understanding and appreciation of a new philosophy that went deeper than purely delving into the physiological changes.

Emma was inspirational on many levels. She was supportive and encouraging, but also intuitive, demonstrating a thorough mastery of her art as a WHM instructor! 
Her achievements since learning the method are admirable and her enthusiasm is authentic and infectious, allowing you to absorb information so subconsciously that it’s application becomes automatic! 
When plunging into near freezing water, it’s important to trust your mentor and in this case I was able to do so without question.

Having Ian riding shotgun was a great educational bonus and I was also blessed by sharing the experience with co-student Dave, who’s abstract wisdom and joyful appreciation of life was uplifting! 
I’m not prone to hyperbole, but I feel this could be life changing! 
Thank you to all”.

Martin. 15th April 2019

“This workshop delivered more than just WHM, Emma shared her own personal experiences which resonated with me and the way she brought the group together was lovely. The setting is gorgeous and although Windermere is well known, I believe this workshop will soon be listed as another one of it's attractions”.

Amina. 1st April 2019

“Emma is a very perceptive instructor, guiding us through intense breathing experiences whilst giving all of us the space to deal with the experiences coming up as well progressed.
She created an open and informal atmosphere in which any questions could be asked and experiences discussed. 

The location she chose was stunning. she has a fantastic eye for nature and lives and breathes her job, literally.
Many thanks Emma”.

Hans. 11th February 2019