El Camino - Wearing shorts in Winter

January 2017: The Camino – the prelude of my self-actualisation 

Walking the Camino and being outdoors, communing with nature on a daily basis allowed change to occur within me.  When I realised there was something missing, I became more curious to finding out what it was.

buen camino

Every day of my pilgrimage, I realised that the nature I was seeing on my route was becoming more inspiring and was teaching me to break down my thought loops and to ‘let go’ of what was no longer important to me.  My mantra for the Camino was to live each day:

“Today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow”.

the day of all seasons

Each day, I adapted the Wim Hof Method to my Camino. My cold exposures were either cold plunges in rivers, cold showers or walking in shorts. 

I adapted my ‘WHM breathing technique’ for the Camino and tuned my body and soul (as I did on the mountain in Poland), harvesting my inner strength. 

So much so, I knew the weight of my rucksack so well I could tell I if was down to my last chocolate bar of 150g.

True method of knowledge is through experiment, don’t you agree?